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On my birthday I received a heart-warming message from the children!

Help Raise $29,880 for the Education of 30 Children with Blindness on My Special Day
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I started Ek Kadam Aur Foundation with a vision of a society where no child will be deprived of dignity and education. Our Arunodaya program children proved that they do not need eyes to dream. And so do our 149 children who go to school, read, and are on the path of making their dreams come true.

Dr. Satish Tripathi


Help me gift these children dignity, education, and independence.

The Arunodaya program identifies blind children from remote parts of India. The team develops local trainers to provide one-on-one training to the children and empower them to be more independent. Through this initiative, the Arunodaya help these children develop their basic literacy, become independent, and schools to be more inclusive.

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