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Senior Policy Analyst

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job Type:

Full Time


About the Role

● Provide expert guidance on pediatric vision care to enhance and protect eyesight in children.
● Collaborate with the program team to formulate comprehensive strategies for "Arunodaya" (Sunrise) for Children with Blindness by providing expert guidance on vision care for children.
● Conduct comprehensive eye examinations to diagnose and address visual challenges in pediatric patients.
● Contribute to the development of White Papers addressing pediatric visual health, aiming to influence global policies and practices.
● Collaborate with the team to synthesize research findings into actionable recommendations for governments worldwide.
● Serve as a spokesperson and advocate for preventing and treating visual challenges in children globally.
● Engage with relevant stakeholders, governmental bodies, and international organizations to raise awareness and promote best practices.
● Stay abreast of the latest developments in pediatric ophthalmology and incorporate innovative approaches into practice.
● Collaborate with research teams to contribute to ongoing studies and advancements in the field.
● Collaborate with healthcare professionals, organizations, and policymakers to promote a holistic approach to pediatric visual health.
● Foster partnerships that enhance the overall well-being of children, integrating vision care into broader healthcare initiatives.
● Pursue continuous learning opportunities to stay updated on advancements in pediatric ophthalmology and related fields.
● Share knowledge and insights with the team to ensure a dynamic and informed approach to vision care.
● Advocate for including pediatric vision care in national and international healthcare agendas.
● Engage with local and global communities to promote awareness of pediatric vision care.
● Provide educational initiatives to empower caregivers, educators, and communities in safeguarding children's visual health.


● Masters degree in public policy (MPP), public administration (MPA), or law (LL.M).

● Doctor of Medicine (MD) or equivalent Medical degree (MBBS) and postgraduation (MS) in ophthalmology and/or PhD desirable.

● Successful completion of residency in ophthalmology or equivalent training. Board Certification or eligibility in Ophthalmology.

● Minimum 5 years experience in developing policies in education or healthcare or disability sector for India or global implementation. 

● Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

● Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.

● Dedication to the global promotion of pediatric visual health.

● Committed to the diversity and inclusivity policy of Ek Kadam Aur while representing the organization on external and internal platforms.

● Ability to work remotely as an individual contributor while regularly collaborating with team members.

● Reliable access to the internet, a computer, a smartphone, and a workspace.

To Apply 

Send your resume along with a cover letter to and

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with Ek Kadam Aur’s work by reading the website and going through the social media pages.

General queries may be addressed to

We encourage you to apply, even if you do not meet all the criteria.

Application Deadline: 15 April 2024

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