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Namita Tripathi

Advisory Board Member

Namita Tripathi is on the Advisory Board of Ek Kadam Aur and is based in Jabalpur, India

Prior to joining Ek Kadam Aur, Namita was Director of Netraheen Kanya Prashikshan Kendra where she guided girls with blindness on independent living. She developed training programs on job readiness. In addition, she provided training to vision counselors and caregivers.

As a Family Dietitian, Namita led programs in nutrition and thyroid disease management and provided lifestyle coaching to promote overall well-being.

In her leadership role as Vice President of All India Brahman Samaj, Namita led community outreach, event planning, and recruitment strategies, and raised funds for the organization.

Namita is passionate about social work and community involvement. She finds joy in yoga, art, and travel.

Namita earned her master's degree in Political Science from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.

Namita Tripathi
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