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Divyansh and His Mother's Inspiring Journey

In the quiet village of Birpur, Uttar Pradesh, a little boy named Divyansh was born into a world of darkness. His family, comprising grandparents, his father, one sister, and two brothers, welcomed him as the second son into their humble home. However, their joy was soon overshadowed by the realization that Divyansh was blind. This added another layer of challenge to their already difficult circumstances. But amidst their despair, a glimmer of hope emerged, promising a brighter future.

Divyansh's mom, Baby, had a tough time when she found out her son was blind. She didn't know how to help him because she didn't have much knowledge or money. Seeing her other kids argue with Divyansh made her worry more. She would always think a lot about Divyansh's future.

We did an outreach activity in Birpur, and a teacher from a local school contacted our team. They shared about Divyansh’s situation and sought our help. This pivotal action opened the door to possibilities for Divyansh.

In Divyapur, our Program Manager, Anoop Dubey, arranged the first meeting with Divyansh’s family. Mr. Biswajeet Ghosh, the Director of the Arunodaya program, accompanied Anoop and met Divyansh for the very first time. Mr. Ghosh also lost his vision during his childhood and so he understood the challenges faced by Divyansh and his family.   He encouraged the family to support Divyansh and shared some critical insights with them on how they can support Divyansh better. Anoop and Mr. Ghosh shared about the Arunodaya Program and suggested enrolling Divyansh for training.

This moment changed everything for Baby, Divyansh's mom. She decided to become a support system for her son. Even though the school initially doubted and refused to admit Divyansh, Baby didn't give up. She made it her mission to convince them otherwise. 

"I was told he won’t be able to study," she recalls, "but I convinced them that he is just not able to identify alphabets yet, but he will learn. I made them understand that I am ready to give my 100% for developing my son, a child who is interested in studying and wanting to attend school and as teachers, they should also support him. I was so happy when they agreed. Knowing that my son is going to attend school like other children from the village was the happiest day of my life." Says Baby.

Divyansh learns Braille alongside his mother, Baby.

Devanand Singh, a special educator from Ek Kadam Aur, visited Divyansh's family every week. He patiently taught Baby how to read Braille while she took care of Divyansh. Baby then passed this knowledge to Divyansh, helping him learn Braille. As Divyansh began learning Braille, his daily progress improved, making tasks more manageable. Baby's commitment to learning Braille for her son's benefit highlights her love and determination to support his progress.

Divyansh enjoys playful moments with his mother.

"I'm eager to continue learning and growing alongside my son. My son is blind, and I'm determined to provide him with everything he deserves. And it's not just for Divyansh, but for everyone else like him too." - says Baby

Divyansh now happily attends school, where he has made new friends. His joy and enthusiasm are evident as he dreams of becoming a lawyer. This is a testament to the program's positive impact on his self-esteem and aspirations. His mother, Baby, has emerged as a beacon of resilience, embracing her son's uniqueness and advocating for his education.

 Divyansh with his sighted peers at School

In this journey of resilience and determination, let's remember that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, no matter their circumstances. We salute mothers like Baby, who are living proof of the power of love and motherhood. On this Mother's Day let’s celebrate Baby and thousands of women like her who break boundaries for their children. On this Mother’s Day, support a blind child and in turn, gift their mother a divine gift.

Let's come together to take that extra step towards a brighter tomorrow.



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