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Embracing the Light: Arunodaya (Sunrise) Program for Children with Blindness

Updated: May 9

The Reality of Blind Children in India

A poignant disparity exists in the vast expanse of India, where the golden hues of sunrise touch every corner with warmth and promise. Amidst the millions who greet the dawn each day, there are 3,20,000 children with blindness whose journey toward education remains obscured in darkness, particularly in remote areas. Statistics paint a sobering picture - only a fraction of blind children, approximately 29.16%, are enrolled in the education system, according to data from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Despite being registered in schools, many of these children struggle to attend classes due to various challenges, including a lack of resources and tailored support.

Devika Kole, one of our children of Arunodaya, when we found her.

The Arunodaya Initiative: Shedding Light on Education

Ek Kadam Aur Foundation’s Arunodaya program is a lifeline for children with blindness aged 5-14 residing in the remotest corners of India. Arunodaya, meaning "Sunrise" in Hindi, emerges as a beacon of hope, dedicated to illuminating the path towards education and empowerment for these children. Through one-on-one training sessions conducted by certified educators, Arunodaya endeavors to equip these children with essential literacy skills and abilities, paving the way for their integration into the educational mainstream.

The objectives of Arunodaya are simple yet profound:

- Equal Opportunity: Arunodaya strives to level the playing field, providing children with blindness a fair chance to access quality education through a specialized school-readiness program.

- Empowerment and Independence: Beyond academics, Arunodaya aims to instill confidence and self-sufficiency in blind children, empowering them to navigate societal and educational challenges with resilience.

- Inclusivity: By promoting the integration of visually impaired children into regular classrooms, Arunodaya advocates for a more inclusive educational environment where every child's potential can flourish.

Students of Arunodaya excel in both academics and co-curricular activities (Devika in the center).

A Holistic Journey: Arunodaya's Path to Inclusion

Arunodaya (Sunrise) for Children with Blindness program focuses on the holistic development and integration of blind children within society. This journey is not merely a series of steps but a narrative of empowerment and inclusion woven with threads of compassion and dedication.

At its core, Arunodaya embraces a philosophy of 

  • Personalized mentorship, where each child is guided with care and attention.  

  • Through tailored sessions focusing on mobility and digital literacy, these children are equipped with essential life skills, empowering them to navigate the world confidently and independently. These educators serve as beacons of support, fostering a nurturing atmosphere where students with blindness can thrive and excel.

  • Arunodaya understands the importance of a supportive educational environment, which is why government school teachers are provided with specialized training in inclusive education techniques.

  • The program also supports parents through counseling and communities through awareness activities. Our counseling sessions also help children with disability in areas of mental health, career guidance, personal development, and skill development. 

Personalized mentoring, counseling for parents & community engagement

Our Impact:

Total Children with blindness enrolled in the program till date: 261

State wise Impact:

  • Maharashtra: 11

  • Uttar Pradesh: 73

  • Madhya Pradesh: 35

  • Rajasthan: 28

  • West Bengal: 70

  • Andhra Pradesh: 8

The Arunodaya program’s impact goes beyond children. We help parents, teachers, sighted peers and communities to create a more inclusive environment for children with blindness. So far, we have counseled more than 100 parents and reached out to 300+ people in various communities through online and in-person activities. We provided inclusive education training to 15 teachers and approximately 400 sighted peers in more than 15 schools.  

Inclusion Through Technology:

Technology is a powerful tool in this journey toward inclusion. Arunodaya facilitates the integration of assistive technologies in classrooms, ensuring that children with blindness can actively engage in educational activities alongside their sighted peers. Through the seamless integration of technology, barriers are dismantled, and opportunities are unlocked.

Smartphones provided to our children in Arunodaya Program

Arunodaya recognize the pivotal role of parents and communities in nurturing the growth and development of blind children. Parents receive counseling and support through community engagement initiatives, creating a nurturing ecosystem where every child can flourish.

A Journey Towards Brighter Horizons

As each new day dawns, Arunodaya continues its journey of compassion and commitment, striving to illuminate the lives of blind children across India. By bridging the gap between aspiration and opportunity, Arunodaya embodies the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future where every child, regardless of visual impairment, can bask in the light of knowledge and opportunity.

Click here to learn more about supporting children with blindness! You can volunteer with us and gift your expertise for the betterment of children. Click here to become a volunteer!


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